From ConceptualIdea To FinalProduct

TupleaCAD is a division of Tuplea Concepts that deals with quality architectural designs, engineering designs, 2d drawings, 3d renderings, visualization,  simulations, animations and walkthroughs.

We are a full services product design development firm. We can help take ideas from scratch drawings to 3D design renderings through prototyping and produce 2D production drawings when necessary.



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From Conceptual DesignTo Final Product

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2D and 3D Design

House Layout and Plans: site plans, floor plans, cross-section, elevations and landscape plans.
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2d plan design

3D Modelling

3d Projection of Machine and Structures, rendered in  a look-real images.
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Interior & Exterior Design

We look at the design, visualization, animation and sectional views.
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interior design tuplea

Simulation & Motion Analysis

We provide complete analysis of the machine or structure and detail information on the kinematics of machines
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simulation and motion analysis

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